Frequently Asked Questions

How much paper would you estimate is thrown away in your common print areas from documents that are printed but never collected?

Consider the average office prints 10,000 pages per year. Just 25% of unclaimed output (wasted pages) could have a significant impact on three facts.

  • Financial Cost
  • Environmental Concerns
  • Information Security

Does your company provide personal desktop printers for associates who handle sensitive employee, customer, or financial data, or are these prints sent to shared devices?

What would happen if sensitive information was retrieved by someone it was not intended for, either accidentally or intentionally?

Most companies have invested significant capital to ensure their network and information are protected but did you know 35% of all electronic crime is committed by ferromagnetic malicious insiders and 1/3 of data leaks come from within.

Protect your business data like you protect your home

Find out how we can help secure your information by managing three aspects of your organizations

  • People
  • Documents
  • Devices & Network

Would it be helpful to track printing information by user, department, file type, or volume in order to account for printing expenses by department or to bill back clients?

Only 1/3 of companies surveyed use authentication. Using authentication can help improve office efficiency by personalizing by user, reducing waste, implementation security features, and monitoring usage and control costs.

Where are your employees scanning to? Email, hot folders, back-end systems, other?

There are many different scanning options. HBM can help you scan in many different ways and customize it to fit your needs, whether that is scanning to email hot folders, back-end systems, cloud services, etc.

What challenges are you facing when converting paper documents into digital formats?

The most common challenges organizations face when converting paper documents into digital formats are

  • Incorrect data entry
  • Time wasted by different employees duplicating data entry
  • Integrity of the image and image quality can degrade over time

HBM can help you streamline workflows by digitizing data and distributing to a variety of destinations or back-end systems.

Do you have workers in multiple offices? Do your employees travel often? Do they ever need to print documents while visiting another office location? Are those documents emails, attachments, files, etc?

UniFLOW provides the ability to print to multiple machines at different locations. Print jobs can be stored in the cloud and released once the user logs in to any copier/printer connected to UniFLOW no matter the location you’re at.

Do some employees need to scan a document and be able to access it from their smartphones or tablets?

HBM’s Mobile solutions from Canon can provide users with various levels of convenience and control when printing from and scanning to their mobile devices.

How much time would you estimate is spent searching for and retrieving files?

HBM can help you not only retrieve information quickly but also digitally store, organize and streamline content, and create customized workflows that help optimize your business process.

Are you in an industry that regulated how to store and manage client information related to HIPPA compliance and/or Sarbanes-Oxley?

How are you handling storage, access, and management of this information today?

Whether by human error or harmful intent, everyday workflows can lead to misdirected information causing serious security issues. We have several features at HBM that can help you control sensitive client information.

Do you have any manual, paper intensive business processes that could benefit from being transformed into a digital workflow?

Process and workflow repetition can cause time delays, additional labor costs, and sometimes even data entry errors. HBM can help employees minimize the amount of paper handling required to process information and can help establish customized, secure, and automated document routing.

Do you know the total cost of printing across your business?

Find out the total cost of printing across your business by letting HBM do a free cost analysis for you.

Does your help desk receive a significant call volume related to printing issues, such as toner out, no paper, or service required?

Instead of being reactive we can help you be proactive. With our fleet management software we can help monitor and be proactive with all your printing issues to help you reduce down time and increase productivity.

How are you managing supplies replenishment and service issue resolution?

HBM can proactively identify and provide supply replenishment as well as proactively resolve service issues.