The Right Office Equipment for Your Business

No matter the size and maturity of your business, having access to the proper office equipment is often a pivotal factor of operational success. Keeping a business fully functional involves challenges that we have years of experience providing solutions for. Whether your goal is to improve current workflows, boost business productivity, maximize employee efficiency, or save money, Harris Business Machines has the right tools for the job. We offer the industry’s leading brands in multifunction printers, production printers, wide-format printers, desktop printers, and scanners to help keep our clients’ businesses moving forward. We also offer convenient online ordering of supplies to make sure your equipment is always fully stocked and ready to produce high quality output on command. Our customers and clients know they can count on Harris Business Machines to provide the right office products and equipment with unparalleled assistance from our industry professionals. Our product specialists are fully committed to ensuring you and your business have access to the devices and solutions that can help you conquer anything from daily operations to achieving long-term goals.



From desktop printers to all-in-one copiers for any size business.

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Make capturing documents fast and economical.

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From high-volume print shops to large-scale production printers.

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Large Format


Create print jobs that are larger-than-life.

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Large Format


Business phone, video, chat, and file sharing all on one digital platform.

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Managing Your Printing AND Digital Needs

Maybe you don’t feel your business is living up to its full potential, knowing your bottom line could be better, but just can’t determine the reason why. There could be potential pitfalls in your business operations that are the root cause of drained time and wasted resources. The best way to get your business up to par with the potential you know it possesses is easier than you may think! Our product specialists at Harris Business Machines have years of experience providing custom business solutions for our unique clients and their companies. Our wide array of high quality, cost-effective, and high performing business equipment coupled with an innovative plan custom tailored to your specific operational necessities is the key to the success you’ve been searching for. Take the guesswork out of business device shopping, and consequently, being overwhelmed or making uninformed purchases by partnering up with the professionals at Harris Business Machines.

Optimize Your Spending to Reduce Overhead

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