Device And Network Security


As businesses strive to protect their sensitive data, customer information, and employee records amid ever-evolving cybersecurity threats, network device management has become even more critical. Harris Business Machines offers comprehensive Device and Network Security services for companies looking to ensure that their network and connected devices are protected with the most updated technology.

With individual computing devices and networks tending to be the main focus of security efforts, it can be easy to overlook potential threats posed by multifunction printers. As these connected devices have become more sophisticated to meet a variety of business needs with features like scan-and-send, network integration, and cloud-based functions, they add another layer of security concerns. With rapidly changing cyberattack tactics and new, upgraded industry regulations designed to combat them, managing a robust security policy is essential to every business. The professionals at Harris Business Machines can help identify areas of printer vulnerability or any data risks associated with your network devices, providing you peace of mind at an affordable rate.

The Top 5 Printer Security Risks

Unsecured Network Connections
When a printer is connected to a network, it is typically assigned an IP address that can be used to access the device remotely. If the connection between the printer and the network is not properly secured, it may be possible for unauthorized individuals to gain access to the device and its data.

Lack of data encryption
When data is transmitted between a printer and a computer, it is typically not encrypted. This means that if the data is intercepted by an unauthorized individual, it may be possible for them to read it.

Insecure or Outdated Firmware
Firmware is the software that controls the printer’s hardware and allows it to interact with other devices on the network. If this software is not properly secured, it could allow a hacker to take control of the printer or gain access to sensitive data.

Unauthorized Physical Access
If an unauthorized individual has physical access to a printer, they may be able to bypass any security measures that are in place and gain direct access to its data. Additionally, they may be able to modify the hardware of the printer in order to gain access to its data or take control of the device remotely.

Poorly Configured Security Settings
If a printer’s security settings are not properly configured, it may be possible for someone to gain access to its data or take control of the device remotely. Additionally, poorly configured security settings may also allow unauthorized individuals to physically access the device.

Managing Network Security With Advanced Tools

Protect Against Unauthorized Access

To help organizations protect themselves from risks associated with unauthorized access, we offer user authentication technology that allows managers to set specific rights for individuals, departments, or guests. Access rights can also be assigned at the device level or by individual functions, barring unwanted users from accessing key features or sending information to unauthorized recipients.

Control & Automate Firmware Updates

Our solutions make critical firmware updates a no-hassle experience, so you can rest assured that all of your devices are up to date with the latest fixes and security enhancements. With our help, managing regular software updates across an entire fleet is easy – simply schedule automatic upgrades or select individual printers for updating!

Secure Stored And Transmitted Data

Our Secure Print solutions are the perfect combination of sophistication and security. They offer high levels of data encryption to protect confidential information both in transit from user workstations to devices and when stored on HDDs/SSDs. Additional features like E-shredding that overwrites data related to users, scans, or prints after they are deleted from the system provide an extra layer of protection.


We provide the ultimate secure work environment, going beyond simply controlling access and protecting data. Additional advanced security features that we offer include but are not limited to:

  • Security information event management (SIEM) integration – Gives businesses the ability to add printers under the umbrella of existing security monitoring systems.
  • Verify System at Startup – Verifies that the system firmware, boot code, and applications are secure and uncompromised at start-up
  • Secure Print – Requires users to enter an authorized PIN before the device releases print jobs from the queue, protecting confidential documents.
  • Security Logging – Tracks changes made to the system’s security settings with downloadable audit logs that can be generated at any given moment
  • McAfee® Embedded Control – Reduces the risk of cyberattacks, viruses, and malware by limiting the types of updates that can run on the system

Protect Against Evolving Cyber Threats with Topnotch Network Security Management

As we navigate a technologically-advanced world, security is more important than ever. So why gamble on your business’s data safety? Harris Business Machines has the expertise and knowledge to help protect against threats and breach attempts from those with ill intentions. Let us secure your operations through our comprehensive tools – everything from compliance policy integration to rapid suspicious activity monitoring stands ready for deployment. Keep up in this digital age – trust Harris Business Machines’ superior network device security tools and services!