Document Management Systems


At Harris Business Machines, our managed document service can help your business develop strong document management strategies for storing, organizing, and managing everyday business documents and files into a digital format. Our creative document solutions allow for maximized accessibility of physical documents by converting them into digital files. Our digital documents solutions have the power to transform office environments into efficient and secure workplaces.

Our secure document solutions can accommodate companies of all size – from small business to enterprise – with the document maintenance tools necessary to increase efficiency and keep your business steps ahead of the competition. Because document creation is a key business function, document management strategies are essential in today’s workplaces – especially as more of the workforce works remotely.


Protect Controlled Documents With Secure Document Solutions

Physical documents are hard to monitor and can be accessed by unauthorized personnel, creating major security risks. Our digital documentation solutions can digitize controlled documents using dynamic document imaging and password protection to ensure only authorized staff have access. Using integrated document management, your files can be monitored and tracked to see who has accessed, modified, or printed the physical document. Our secure document solutions also provide the ability to track documents’ chain of custody to easily see where and with whom processes have been left off.

Save Time And Space By Retiring Unsecure Physical Documents

Keeping physical documents in filing cabinets takes up space and is less secure than you might think. Reclaim your office with dynamic document imaging by digitally converting files and disposing those outdated filing cabinets. Rather than spending time rifling through drawer after drawer of physical documents, with our documents and records management solutions your team members can easily navigate and locate files digitally with advanced search features.

Cut Costs And Increase Productivity With A New Documents Workflow

Workflow tools are included in the integrated document management platform to help streamline some of the common repeatable processes throughout your organization. The documents workflow will take your controlled documents through the secure process that is defined by your business. As part of our secure document solutions, we enable our customers to check the chain of custody of their controlled documents to be able to easily determine where and with whom processes have been left unfinished.


Collect and Organize Information
Scan, import, process, tag, and introduce critical controlled documents into integrated document management systems.

Access, Display, and Edit Content
Share controlled documents with team members, businesses, and customers with secure document solutions. At Harris Business Machines, we leverage enterprise content management (ECM) which is a set of defined processes, strategies, and tools to enable this process.

Process Documents and Control Documents Workflow

Part of our document management strategies is the implementation of documents workflow tools which are included in the platform to help streamline some of the common repeatable processes throughout your organization

Secure Document Solutions and Compliance
User-level access restrictions made possible by our secure document solutions ensure that only authorized users have access to controlled documents and information. Version control and traceability features help you identify who and when information was modified. Plus, advanced documents and records management backup tools ensure that information is protected against damage or loss.


What is a document management system (DMS), and how is it different from traditional document storage methods?

A document management system (DMS), like the solutions offered by Harris Business Machines, goes beyond traditional document storage by digitizing and organizing everyday business documents into a digital format. Unlike physical document storage, which relies on manual filing systems and can be space-intensive, a DMS offers advanced features such as cloud-based storage, secure access controls, automated workflows, and easy retrieval through search capabilities. This modern approach improves accessibility, security, and efficiency in managing documents.

How your document workflow management system improves efficiency within organizations?

Harris Business Machines’ document workflow management system, including solutions like uniFLOW Online, streamlines various processes within organizations. It offers features such as secure printing, mobile printing, advanced scanning, and automated filing processes. By centralizing document-related tasks and enabling secure access, a document management system simplifies the handling of documents, reduces manual intervention, and increases productivity through optimized workflows.

What security measures are integrated into your document management system to ensure regulatory compliance and data protection?

The document management systems offered by Harris Business Machines employ robust security measures. These include user authentication, authorized access controls, encrypted communication, and audit trails. Regulatory document management software ensures compliance with industry standards, protecting sensitive data and maintaining an audit trail of document interactions.

What benefits can a digital document workflow management system offer to small businesses?

A digital document workflow management system offers small businesses efficient document handling, reduced manual tasks, and enhanced security with the option to customize document access settings. It enables secure desktop and mobile printing, simplified document scanning processes, and centralized document storage. Plus, the highly tailored digital workflows help small businesses improve productivity, save time and remain compliant with office security policies with ease. Once set up, these tools are easy to use and can help small businesses function with the efficiency of larger, highly staffed enterprises.

Will document management software work with my existing printers and copiers?

Yes, document management software seamlessly integrates with various devices, including printers and copiers from different manufacturers. This compatibility enables businesses to enhance document management capabilities without the need to replace existing hardware.

How can a good document management system help cut costs?

A well-implemented document management system can lead to cost savings. It reduces paper consumption by promoting digital workflows, minimizes the need for physical storage space, and optimizes printing resources. Streamlined processes and increased productivity save time, allowing employees to focus on core tasks. Features like automated filing and secure printing prevent unnecessary expenses related to document loss or unauthorized access.