Scanners have become remarkably fast and economical, and Harris Business Machines offers a wide range for any need – including high-resolution color scans or the latest in high-volume imaging solutions.

The Right Office Equipment for Your Business Image

The Right Office Equipment for Your Business

At first glance, picking out a document scanner may seem like an easy decision to make. Chances are, if you buy the first one you come across, your business could be left with a device that does very little for increasing productivity. More often than not, the scanners companies have are not fulfilling any of the initial needs that prompted its purchase. At Harris Business Machines, we know that there are different scanners for different purposes. For example, businesses scanning documents for tax season versus those with photo archiving needs will need to purchase different models or even brands of scanners. We also cater to those who may need quick scanning accessibility, such as those working in particularly busy offices or in customer-oriented roles. Some features we can help you choose from are image resolution, physical scanner size, duplex capabilities, automatic document feeding capabilities, and connectivity functions (the ability to connect to the scanner via WiFi connection versus traditional USB connection). The experts at Harris Business Machines know just the scanner to get the job done, no matter the unique needs!

Managing Your Printing AND Digital Needs

One of the most significant technological advances of modern office equipment is the ability to upload and store hard copy documents in an easily accessible and secure digital format. In order to have the same quality document as you would when looking at the paper in person, your company’s investment in a high-quality document scanner is crucial. The size and type of documents your company is converting will significantly influence your specific document scanner needs. Let us show you the perfect scanner to meet and exceed your business goals – All while saving you valuable time and money. The ability to have crisp scanned documents archived in a secure format accessible to all employees at any given time is groundbreaking to most businesses. That’s why we offer the industry’s leading brands in multifunction document scanners to help keep our clients’ businesses moving forward and constantly innovating.

Optimize Your Spending to Reduce Overhead

Does your business deal with a lot of paperwork or document scanning? Or does your office currently have valuable real estate being used to house countless boxes of files? With the help of Harris Business Machines’ Document Management Service, you can easily convert all those files and documents into file formats like Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Adobe PDF. We can also suggest solutions to help our clients manage digital archives without disrupting existing workflows while keeping data safe and secure without it being a hassle. What if your business has already converted hard copy files only to discover a new problem of having too many electronic files? We have solutions for those situations, as well, that help create a more productive, secure, and simplified workflow. Rest assured, knowing your business files are protected with the best security available for a price you won’t be able to pass up. No matter your company’s unique document management needs, Harris Business Machines provides expert solutions to save you time and money.