Wide Format Printers

The Right Office Equipment for Your Business

At Harris Business Machines, we don’t just serve our clients with smaller print needs; we have a solution for all needs! If your company is printing anything wider than 24 inches or printing on any non-standard materials, a wide format printer may be able to increase productivity while reducing costs. The more technologically advanced these machines become, the more efficient they are regarding supplies, saving you even more! We offer high quality wide format printers for printing standard and high-definition images and graphics, drawings, designs, and blueprints. In fact, recommending the specific products and solutions best fit to suit unique business needs is one of our specialties! Purchasing a wide format printer should be thought of as a business investment as these are very specialized machines.

Standard-Resolution Wide Format Printers

These printers are great for quick, large prints that are less than high-definition. Ranging from ink to laser, these machines can be great in reducing costs for large print company materials.

High-Resolution Wide Format Printers

These machines are most known for creating crisp, saturated images. They can print on a wide variety of materials ranging from textiles to plastic to glossy poster boards. Though these machines can be costly, the capabilities are virtually endless.


Best known for printing complex drawings as large, printed sheets, Plotters are most used to create scaled blueprints or designs. Though the resolution of the image won’t be the same as those with higher quality capabilities, the scaling is very reliable.

When it comes to printers and copiers, we offer the industry’s highest quality brands, all at unbeatable prices. Before you start shopping for a wide format printer, be sure to talk with the professionals at Harris Business Machines. Our product specialists are knowledgeable experts in their field with years of experience providing custom solutions to our unique clients and their individual company printing needs.

Managing Your Printing AND Digital Needs

The most important part of purchasing a wide format printer as a business investment is putting in place a maintenance plan to keep it fully operational. Keeping up to date on new technological innovations can help both small and medium sized businesses alike. Newer models of wide format printers tend to be exponentially more advanced than previous models and offer even more ways to save you money. Let the experts at Harris Business Machines help you take care of your newest business asset by servicing it and keeping you stocked on supplies!

Optimize Your Spending to Reduce Overhead

When buying printers, it is often overlooked that the total upfront cost is only a fraction of the total lifetime cost of the device. If future costs are not properly estimated and accounted for, the expenses accrued when maintaining ink/toner levels, general operation, and paper supply can become a great setback to your business. Harris Business Machines can help your business stay ahead of expenses with our Managed Print Services which help our clients attain better visibility of company printing costs and take control of spending. Minimize your printing costs by understanding the true cost per page and identifying the solutions best suited for your business needs.