Software Solutions

  • Embedded Server based Scan & Routing
  • Flexible Authentication Methods
  • Modular Solution which can grow to meet your needs
  • Security & Admin Technology
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Uniflow Modular System

uniFLOW is a modular …

  • Printing Productivity
  • Cost Management
  • Document Capture
  • Device Management

… Software Suite

Uniflow Serverless Secure Printing

Serveless Secure Print is an affordable secure printing option, utilizing the client PC to store the secure print jobs. Once at the imageRUNNER device, the user can authenticate and release the secure print job(s) from their queue, then the device pulls the print job from the user’s PC. Serveless Secure Printnot only provides secure printing feature, but includes uniFLOW’s signature follow-me printing and authentication at iR device.

Universal Send

  • Embedded Server-less Scan & Routing
  • Scan to Multiple Locations
  • Limited Authentication Methods

Authorized Send

Authorized Send is a MEAP (Multifunctional Embedded Application Platform) application developed by Canon USA. It is a server-less application installed and operated on a Canon MEAP enabled MFP device, which offers users open access to everyday walk-up features such as copying but requires authentication to all send features, Scan to E-mail, Scan to Fax and Scan to Folder


  • Advanced Authentication-Proximity Card v2.1 (AA-PROX) is a user authentication software designed to run on MEAP enabled imageRUNNER ADVANCE devices.
  • AA-PROX allows users to login to an imageRUNNER ADVANCE system using a Proximity card, altering the use of keyboard for inputting User Name and Password for login.
  • SERVER-LESS solution. Based on SSO-H technology.
  • AA-PROX supports a variety of popular proximity card types and corresponding USB card readers, so users can leverage their existing proximity card based ID-badge (or employee card) for accessing imageRUNNER ADVANCE systems.