HBM | May 1, 2018

6 Ways imageRUNNER ADVANCE Copiers Can Improve Workflow Efficiency

As a business owner or manager, we know time and resources are a concern for you. How you use each is important and will affect how your office runs. Improving workflow efficiency will help how your office runs. But how do you go about improving it? With daily practices and the right equipment your workflow efficiency can improve. The technology in imageRUNNER ADVANCE copiers can make a difference in how smoothly your office runs. Here is how the imageRUNNER ADVANCE copiers will help your workflows become more efficient.

  • Easy to Use. A large responsive touchscreen makes this copier a breeze to use. With built in tutorials you can learn how to operate the imageRUNNER with ease. There is also built in support video assist, so you never get stuck. Users will be comfortable using this copier in no time with any device.
  • Personalized For Each User. The imageRUNNER ADVANCE technologies provide a personal, individual experience for each user. With the My Display function, users can personalize the user interface and setup accessibility settings. With “My Functions” options you can set up efficiencies by giving users easy access to information that can help with workflows. My Advance can be be synchronized across, as many as, 10 devices without a server, so preferences follow the user.
  • Support for Mobile Workflows. The imageRUNNER ADVANCE offers support for flexible working practices. This can help increase  efficiency. It allows workers to capture or print documents on the go by linking their mobile device into business workflows. The imageRUNNER ADVANCE has the ability to work with many different applications like Google Drive. It can also connect to other cloud based services.
  • Streamlined Document Capture. These copiers can scan both sides simultaneously, saving you time. You can then quickly send the document to several locations as needed.
  • Built-In Intelligence. These smart features help you streamline document workflows and increase productivity. One feature is motion sensor technology, which wakes the device from sleep mode, reducing waiting time. Other smart features include, skip blank pages and multi sheet feed detection, all increasing efficiency.
  • End-to-End Document Creation. These devices offer flexible finishing options, like stapling, document insertion, hole punching, and booklet printing. If you pair it with Canon’s publishing software you will have the ability to create high quality, professional documents that will be ready to wow the end user!

Harris Business Machines offers a variety of imageRUNNER ADVANCE copiers. Each of them will increase your workflow efficiency and change the way you work. For all your business machine needs, contact us. We have a solution available for you. It is our goal to help your business creatively find solutions that increase efficiency and productivity.