Keeping Copier Maintenance Costs to a Minimum

A copier is a valuable piece of office equipment and important to the well being of your business. It helps everyday functions to run smoothly. Therefore, you know maintenance is important, because if you don’t, it can be costly. So how do you keep copier maintenance costs to a minimum? Know the most common problems that a copier experiences and be aware of daily care and cleaning that are essential for a copier. Most of the problems are due to user error. Therefore, ensuring proper use of your copier will help keep maintenance costs down in the long run.

Here are the most common problems a copier can experience on a day to day basis.

  • Paper Jams: Most paper jams are caused by user error. Keeping the paper tray area clear will help.
  • The Life of Your Ink: Monitor your ink usage to make sure there isn’t a more serious problem. Some copiers use more ink than others. If you are having an issue monitoring this, then we highly recommend our managed print services.
  • Overheating:  This can pose a serious problem if it goes unchecked. Just ensure that you are not overusing your copier. There are copiers designed to be able to withstand bulk jobs, while others can only handle small jobs. If you find that your current printing needs are surpassing your copiers abilities we might suggest looking into the Canon imageRunner ADVANCE Series for a solution.

What can you do to keep copier maintenance costs to a minimum?

  • Daily Care. Keep daily care practices in mind. Clear all paper jams. Wipe out paper dust. Check for stuck paper in the paper drawers. Check toner level. Clean rollers and glass. With daily care and annual cleaningyou can keep copier maintenance costs to a minimum and go longer between maintenance visits.
  • A Quality Product. New Generation 3 imageRUNNER ADVANCE products reflect some of the most efficient and cost effective business machines on the market today. With efficient monitoring and diagnostics, you can easily monitor the state of your copier with imageRUNNER ADVANCE series. You do not even have to be at the same location of the copier to see if you are low on toner, need more paper, etc. These products can also collect automated meter reading for your convenience. Remote diagnostics will ensure you are aware of when you need maintenance, so you have rapid fixes and little down time.
  • Reliable Business Machine Provider. This can help keep copier maintenance costs down as well. Many providers will offer a service agreement, so you can schedule delivery of supplies, meter readings, and maintenance checkups, all for a reasonable price.

At Harris Business Machines our professionals will take care of all these things for you. If your machine breaks down unexpectedly, the problem will be considered high priority and solved within the time frame specified in your contract. If our technicians are unable to repair your copier onsite, we will bring you a loaner, ensuring that your office continues to run smoothly. We are here to serve you with the best service possible. Therefore, you will save not only in copier maintenance costs but also in headaches. You will have confidence that your requests will be completed efficiently and properly. Also, Harris Business Machines offers some of the highest quality copiers on the market, ensuring maintenance will be at a minimum. Contact Harris Business Machines for all your Emerald Coast business machine needs. We have a solution for you.

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