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Each industry has a unique set of requirements and challenges. Canon offers education, financial, healthcare and legal industry specific solutions to assist these customers to be more productive and efficient. Explore industry specific solutions you can offer to support your customers in these industries.


Paper documents have always been critical to delivering a positive educational experience. But these days, cost cutting measures and a drive toward more environmentally responsiblecampuses have changed the way students, teachers, and school administrators view and use hard copies. While no one wants to compromise on the quality of the educational experience,everyone wants to use paper more thoughtfully and economically.

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Loan applications. Cash transaction reports (CTRs). Suspicious activity reports (SARs). There’s no getting around it. If you work in the financial industry, you deal with paper and electronicdocuments all day – and you probably spend too much time tracking, distributing, and archiving them. Your operations may depend on traffic-heavy fax systems, legally mandated archiving,and labor-intensive integration between front and back offices. If that weren?t enough, you have to worry about security too. What if confidential information is leaked or stolen, exposing yourinstitution to expensive litigation or regulatory sanctions?

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More than ever, healthcare organizations and medical offices depend on hard-copy and electronic documents. But documentrelated challenges are increasing every day. An industry driven toward electronic medical records (EMR) and the need to facilitate compliance with HIPAA requirements have added new challenges to already burdened workflows. In addition, healthcare providers still need to find better ways to streamline document Communication via fax and e-mail and reduce the impact of day-to-day IT management tasks

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Manufacturing is an extremely competitive industry where businesses are looking for better ways to leverage technology to help them become more lean, protect their confidential information, and bring new products to market faster. As part of dealing with these challenges, manufacturers must adhere to compliance and regulatory document requirements and be audit ready. Opening up data information silos whether they be paper based or digital, and then sharing documents can be important steps to helping manufacturers be more productive. Canon understands these challenges and offers solutions to help manufacturers in these areas.

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Government organizations strive to deliver necessary services and serve their constituents well, but today they face additional challenges. They must ensure that they safeguard confidential information and data. They must also facilitate compliance with accessibility regulations. And they must address a growing demand for more cost effective, productive, and efficient government.


The legal world is paper intense. Attorneys, paralegals, and other staff continually need to review, proof, and annotate documents, often using pens to apply comments and edits to hard copy documents. But with new electronic filing requirements and the need to increase profitability while reducing costs, firms are likely moving farther toward a digital workflow.

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